D8 Magazine Vol. 4
Editorial design and art direction of volume 4 of the D8 magazine.
This Sceptred Isle
As part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the BBC SSO, This Sceptred Isle featured some of the best in British classical music including Walton, Elgar and Britten. Steven Osborne and Nicola Benedetti. To help promote the event this fluorel leaflet, based around the idea of an ordinance survey map and complete with an illustrated map of British classical music, was created.

Designed at D8.
BBC SSO 2011/12
Literature design and illustration for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra 2011/12.

Photography: Mark Hamilton
Art Direction: Stephen Cappello
Designed at D8
Name generation and branding for mobile apps company, Appy™. The identity features a bespoke typeface.

Designed at D8
Glasgow-based shopfitters the JET Group™ required branding to position themselves as dependable, high-end specialists with a meticulous attention to detail.

Designed at D8
MCF 2010
Branding, literature design and art direction for the Merchant City Festival.

Designed at D8.
Branding for Glasgow University and the Medical Research Councils, Centre for Virus Research. Specialising in the viral crossover between humans and animals, the marque uses the hexagonal medical symbology of a virus. The two shapes reflect the viral crossover between humans and animals.

Designed at D8.
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